• Tagliere di salumi - all cured meats are produced by us, from pigs in the wild...10,00€
  • Melanzane alla Parmigiana - roasted aubergines in the oven, with mozzarella cheese, parmesan and tomato sauce....6,50€
  • Crostini - chicken liver paté and Unto di Sant'Ambrogio (cream lard)....5,00€


  • Melanzane alla Parmigiana - roasted aubergines in the oven, with mozzarella cheese, parmesan and tomato sauce....6,50€
  • Pappa al pomodoro - steal bread backed in tomato sauce....7,50€
  • Lasagne al ragù - Our famous ragù is made following the old and rigorous recipe of the "grandmother"....7,50€
  • Ribollita: bread, vegatables and broth....7,50€


  • Spezzatino ai 6 profumi - veal, lime, lemon, orange, cumin, parsley, basil....8,50€
  • Trippa alla fiorentina - Florentine tripe in the sandwich....8,00€)with apple and plum chutney....9,50€
  • Filet (pork) in pistachio and almond crust - with apple and plum chutney....9,50€
  • Vitello tonnato - tuna veal....8,50€
  • Chili with tortillas - with guacamole....8,50€


  • Cannellini beans....3,50€
  • Grilled vegetables....3,50€
  • Roast potatos....3,50€
  • Gratin tomatos....3,50€
  • Salad and tomatos....3,50€

Tartare & Carpaccio

  • Tartare San Marco orange zest, lime, parsley, capers, chopped almonds - accompanied with fennel, orange and pink pepper....10,00€
  • Tartare Sant'Ambrogio - anchovy sauce, Taggiasca olives, confit tomatoes, capers - accompanied by caramelized onions with balsamic vinegar....12,00€
  • Tartare Duomo - chef's sauce, anchovies, Tropea onion, capers, parsley - accompanied with Taggiasca olives, caramelized peppers....10,00€
  • Tartare Santo Spirito - crispy bacon, egg yolk, flakes of pecorino romano, shallot - accompanied with curly salad and cherry tomatoes...12,00€
  • Tartare D'Azeglio - burrata cream, bacon chips, spring onion, chopped pistachios - accompanied by rocket salad, dried tomatoes and pine nuts....14,00
  • Tartare Pitti 2.0 - Marinade in beer and honey, pears with truffles, pecorino wafer - accompanied with radicchio salad, walnuts and raisins .... € 14.00
  • Tartare Stadio - Tropea onions, mimosa sauce, olives taggiasche, speck crumbs - sawn of artichokes and parmesan....14,00€
  • Tartare Duetto - Avocado, spring onion, goat cheese, tabasco, goat and truffle based sauce, pearl almonds - accompanied by butter carrots....14,00€
  • Carpaccio Michelangelo - Rocket, parmesan, extra virgin olive oil, salt....10,00€
  • Carpaccio Donatello - carpaccio millefeuille, lemon zest, vegetable julienne, pistachios....10,00€
  • Carpaccio Giotto - tuna sauce and caper flower....10,00€